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NPTV offers innovative and scalable solutions for businesses that want to make better connections with their viewers. We can help you reach more people on more devices through personal interactive video experiences and custom-built user-friendly interfaces.

get in touch
Give people
more to see

Cloud rendering dramatically increases the amount and range of content a viewer sees. Multiple video feeds, live previews, content layering and custom overlays can all be added to a viewer’s video stream.

TV that
knows you

With NPTV, super precise data capture powers super personal content. We go beyond geo and socio-demo targeting to identify the habits, interests and social connections of viewers.

made affordable

NPTV lets you deliver video content and cutting edge interactive services without needing to invest in infrastructure at all. We call this: television as a service.

Turn viewers into

NPTV dissolves the wall between ATL and digital as interactive product placements turn viewers into customers.

TV that
Follows you

NPTV can stream video to any screen, switching seamlessly from TV to smartphone or tablet as viewers change device.

A future-proof
media platform

Our cloud and data centers ensure that all NPTV apps and services are completely scalable, and new features and updates go live instantly.

Key features
  • Personal and interactive video streams
  • Multi-camera and multi-view
  • Custom content layers
  • Advanced infographics and animations
  • Advanced EPGs Timeshift and catch up Zero-latency
  • Works on any device
  • Television as a service
  • Cutting-edge interactivity
  • Custom data layers
  • Targeted advertising Interactive product placement
  • Instant purchasing and E-commerce integration
  • Advanced data capture
  • Works on any device
  • Develop using JS & .Net
  • Reduced development costs Instant updates
  • No legacy limits or need to update client devices
  • Instantly scalable
  • Works on any device
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